Drunk Guy Has a Scary Encounter When Coming Home

Source: Imgur

It was 3am when this man finished partying and finally got home. But on his way to his flat, he saw a kind of creepy silhouette down the corridor.

He had to pass through it, and despite his hard time walking straight, the drunk guy manage to take a bunch of picture while getting closer to the mysterious thing.

Without any fear, he finally confronted the coated ghost and realized it was just an old shelf left there by a neighbor...

You can see all the pictures in the slideshow below!

Had to walk by this in my building at 3AM.

The author answered the allegations saying it's all fake.

So, there are a lot of people saying that these are staged. They are not. But, the story of why there are so many pictures and why they are taken from such a low angle is kinda funny. I was hammered when I got back to my place, walked in and saw the first picture. It creeped the shit out of me, but obviously it had to be just a sheet or something hanging in a creepy way (which it was). So, I decided to take a few pictures, but I was too drunk to get a steady picture from my camera. So--drunk logic--I sat down to steady myself. I then proceeded to take a bunch of pictures as I scooted closer and closer to it. I am willing to bet that a video of me taking these pictures would be more entertaining than the actual pictures. Read on Reddit