This Guy Pours Molten Copper On Everything

Screenshot from the YouTube channel Tito4re

We all have our passions, and for this guy I think it's molten copper. The YouTube channel Tito4re has over 60 videos uploaded in under six month and all of them are about pouring molten copper on some object.

If this channel is one of the weirdest I've seen, it's also hard to look away once you're on it because you sure want to know what happens when copper heated at over 2500°F is poured in this pumpkin.

Food, ice, glass, toys, soap... he tests his experiences with everything he can find and he even started selling some of the remains on eBay.

Here is the video he made for halloween, featuring a pumpkin

On this one a block of solid ice just explodes and even ended up injuring him

You can visit his YouTube channel to watch some more!