The Effect of Music on Your Brain and the Secret to Hit Songs

This video is a collaboration between the two awesome YouTube channels AsapTHOUGHT and This Exists, both focused on science subjects.

We all love music, but how does our brain react to it? That's the question that introduces the episode.

At first they try to explain why we love hearing some tracks more than others, and particularly the fact that out brain recognizes patterns in songs and that's the reason we tend to like similar songs.

And going from this topic of similarities in tracks, they not only point out some plagiarism case that went brought to court but also indicates some patterns that we found in almost all hit songs. A medium pace about 120bpm, written in a major key and about 4:30 minutes longs: that is part of the secret of almost every hits out there.

The next part of the video is about the emotions we feel when listening to songs as well as the things we can most of the times tell about someone's personality just from his favorite playlists.