Emotional Video Shows Bear Attacking a Woman's Kayak

I guess this kind of stories comes with living in Alaska. This video filmed by the victim herself, shows her reaction to a bear getting in her way of kayaking. As stated in the video's description, she only got her phone out and filmed 5mn after the bear came, and there's a lot of emotion involved.

The woman first protected herself by pepper-spraying the animal, which quickly goes in the other direction... to the kayak. Then a lot of begging starts, like reasoning about why the bear isn't asleep, why would he break her stuff and try to eat plastic.

But the reason that made this story viral is the way she expressed her emotions, with a sweet - and some may qualify annoying - voice.

I imagine the next step, as I was able to read more than once in the comments of this video, is an auto-tuned version of it, and I swear I'm going to listen to this for a while when it comes out.

I hope that she gets something positive out this drama, and I wish her the best!