Marty Mcfly Expected to Arrive Today

People of this planet, today is the day! Sure we've seen people trying to fake the date of this historic event, but we're finally here. Marty Mcfly, his girlfriend and the Doc are expected to come back to the future. At what time you may wonder? October 21st 2015, 4:29PM PST as we would assume this is the time at Hill Valley, California.

At the time I write this already 3 of the worldwide trending topics are related to this (DeLorean, MartyMcfly and #BackToTheFuture). Sure the emotion are mixed, people are showing both enthusiasm and disappointment.

And of course the reasons of these disappointments are the one you would expect: no flying cars, no hover-boarding over water, no pizza rehydrator...

I still wanted to show you some of the cool messages I read this morning about this!

I guess I know what most people will watch tonight!